Since completing his pain management fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic in 1993, Dr. Hanna has been offering state of the art pain treatment for all painful conditions, including intractable low back pain, performing over 7,000 radiofrequency ablations (RFA) with great success.

Come see if RFA is right for you!
Dr. Ashraf Hanna and guest Janet Helms discuss how radiofrequency ablation is helping patients with neck, back, hip and knee pain.

The RFA on my lower back has been amazing. It’s the only think that has worked for me. No medication- Dr. Hanna is the absolute best! Before the RFA procedure, I had constant pain since 1996 – now I feel 90% better!” – Glenn Davis January 2017  *results vary

Allison Bownon

Dr. Hanna is a very good doctor. The RFA was the only thing that really helped me in the last 15 years. I thank him so much. He is a great doctor, so personable. I have been seeing him for the last 20 years. Great staff. *results vary

Charles Patterson 8/18/2015

Dr. Hanna was able to reduce my pain dramatically, with a Radiofrequency Ablation treatment. I can walk again and can do daily activities and not have pain the next day. Thanks Dr. Hanna! * results vary

Ano Smith